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Emilio "Chicco"

Emilio Cancelliere was an immigrant from Italy who took the leap into Entrepreneurship in 1974 when he and his wife Paolina purchased the gas station and diner 1 km west of Hwy 9 and Hwy 50.

Together, they employed members of the local community with a cheeky Italian zest for life culture that was filled with practical jokes and an honest working mindset. To this day, we often hear great stories about working with Emilio. One particular employee started calling his boss "Chico" having a Spanish meaning of being small in stature. Emilio welcomed the nickname and added an Italian spin to it changing it to "Chicco" with an Italian meaning of grain, kernal or bean. Or in Chicco's interpretation, the cornerstone of every great cuisine. 

In 1986, Chicco and his wife founded Chicco's Restaurant and served homemade Italian fare for 24 years from 1986 until 2010. 

A few years after opening his restaurant, Chicco recruited his brother-in-law Domenic. Domenic was a master pizza maker and brought world class pizza to rural Ontario. Friends, past customers and the local community often share a unique encounter with Domenic and they follow their story with a lick of their lips and a nostalgic comment about how great Domenic's pizza was. 

And so, after years of shared memories, we have decided to honour Chicco and Domenic and bring Chicco's world class pizza back. We hope you enjoy it!

Private Events


We would be delighted to cater your party or host your group at our facilities to learn how to make world class pizza from an Internationally trained pizza maker..Contact us for more details.


9710 Highway 9 
Palgrave ON L0N 1P0


Monday - Closed

Tuesday – Sunday  4:00PM – 9:00PM


Tel: 416-900-3225

Email: info@chiccos.ca

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